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Since I could remember my folks have always told me that the easiest thing in life is to be mad, sad, & lazy while the real challenge is to be happy, content, & persevere. Challenge accepted.

Too much of our time is spent focusing on the negativity around us instead of the things that we should be grateful for, the things that are truly important. Stop, breathe & remember: count your blessings, not your problems.

Same goes for our daily routines. We often find ourselves only looking forward to specific days on the calendar & forget to appreciate each moment of everyday. Don’t get caught in that rut. Whether it be at work or in the gym, set that PR today! You can either accept mediocrity or welcome greatness. Blend or be bold.

As my coach from the The Human Laboratory says, “I never said it’d be easy, I just said it’d be worth it.” You’ve been given a beautiful life, don’t live it complaining or making excuses. Just go out there & live it! CARPE DIEM

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